By nature, I am curious and desire to learn; however, I have noticed a tendency developing over the past couple of years. I spend a large amount of time reading about the human condition, leadership, environmentalism, existentialism, and specific technical skills. Through this, I learn something, but experience nothing. One…

Gopher holding a slice of ‘za

An aspect of the Go language that has caused me confusion is when/where to use in-place slice operations. When stubbing my own general purpose library for slice operations similar to OOTB array/list functions in other languages I decided to do a deeper dive into the when/where/how of performing in-place operations

So, here you are: you have a solid idea, you’ve shared your vision with others who have joined you on your mission, and you are now in the midst of the exciting and hectic world of a startup. You understand that being a startup is only a temporary state on…

Josh Weston

I am a software engineer who romanticizes about technology, life, and what it means to be human.

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